Tuesday, 24 March 2015


This past few weeks have been my hell week because of all the school stuff we had and most especially the thesis. I've been sleeping for just 2-3 hours and sometimes i don't even sleep and every time i'm on my way to school or home i suddenly fall asleep so on my free day i ask my dad to went to a museum that's been all over on my news-feed on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram and even some blogger posted it so we went there and we enjoyed seeing lots of paintings and all those behind stories of it.There was actually a guy who tour us and told us everything behind those paintings for free because the paintings is all about the teenagers and our generation so if a person or a teenager ask him something he will freely tell everything he knows without even asking for a penny so, I will post those paintings and will tell everything I've remember in his words of wisdom. 

Monday, 31 March 2014


Top / NXT
Slacks / Sister gift
Sandals / Parisian

Does this place look studio? Probably, You're wrong haha because this place was just our house. We (Cousins) Discover this new background that we D.I.Y. It was just a small background of white and then we ripe the newspaper and then put scotch tape on it. It was really tiring to have patience on it but it worth the while. We decided to have another unique background what do you think it would be this time? In a meanwhile April is coming i hope more productive day for me. haha. 

     Photos by  Patricia   

Monday, 24 March 2014

tout ce que

Top / Forever21
Pants / Lee
Shoes / Keds

These past few days feels like hell to me because of school requirements but finally this day would be heaven so new post for today. yehey! haha. I couldn't believe that it is already summer so i think it's more post? maybe? or maybe not? haha. i also created a video of this with my cousins. so better watch it and also support the photography of my cousin. Link is here. She's the one who took all of my photos recently. haha. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

That 80s + Style Four Outfits Vlog

shoes / OXFORD
shocks / UNKNOWN

Recently, I've been very busy because of the upcoming finals in school. Prof.'s are been rushing things so that they can make already our grades. I also have this research subject  that make us pressure and nervous every time we make papers but i hope i could passed it. On the other hand, This post was been unique for me because its my first time to wear something oldies. it just happened that i rescanned my closet and found something unique then i told to myself why won't i post something unique. And this post came. haha. try to scanned your closet too maybe you could found something different too and make you different. I did also make a video of it with cousins so please do watch it. Thanks and thanks for reading. 

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