Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mona Lisa's Project

Last Monday me and my family went to solaire to celebrate my mom's birthday and as we took our tour there this is one of the places we encounter which is Mona Lisa's project. Mona Lisa's project is an art gallery where all the paintings are just like Mona Lisa's painting but with a very different art. It is one of the interesting place because the paintings itself is interesting that you will took time to think why this paintings was created or why it is what is it. All the paintings are created with a "weird" / "funny" art and since I've been dreaming of going to an art gallery and finally, I've been to one and even my expectation to going to an art gallery didn't failed me because this one is one of a kind art gallery that will be remembered.

Monday, 20 October 2014


Top // Forever21
Polo // Just g.
Shorts // Bench
Shoes // Converse

This past few months I've been thinking of stopping this blog since i found myself not into it. But then another blogger encourage me that i must continue what i started so i go back to the days when i started this. Why did i really started this?

I started this blog out of curiosity and wanting to more on how this blog could be and since i saw lots of bloggers and their creativity i started to really wanting to have a blog. (i forgot that i also wrote this as one of my wishlist.) plus one of the bloggers attended our seminars so i guess that was the sign that i must do a blog. So, just an advice. if you really into on what you've started don't hesitate just try and try to chase it maybe not now or tomorrow but maybe someday it will eventually comes in your way without you knowing it. :))

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Short Hair, Don' t Care!

Top - Forever21
Skirt - @emporiumlove (Instagram)
Shoes - Keds
Bag - Primadonna

Since the weather here is so Hot like you feel like your a pig that is burning in a pot. I decided to cut my hair but not that short but i think it is short for me because compared to my previous hair, it is indeed short. 
This outfit is away too colorful and the crazy thing is i just realize it when it was taken a picture. actually, i  just wear clothes which i think nice then went out and don't care about how they view it. And that's the reason why i don't think it is colorful but i really like my outfit here even though this was just a common teenagers outfit :"). I hope you like it too. :D


Thursday, 17 July 2014

too girly for you

Top from Genevieve
Heels from Parisian

It's been a while since a updated this blog and i'm so sorry for being a busy student now because of my internship and my school activities. It is really a tiring months or year for me. This post is when i  went to my father's cousin wedding and we need to dress a formal dress so i decided this dress and i think its not suited for me cause of girlishness of this dress but hopefully i recover from  it. :) 


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